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            “Hi everyone! I’m the great Ashely and I’m going to tell you something. Ow… I got hit…”

            “Ashely, run along now. Well, that’s somebody trying to exaggerate things, but it’s a good story so I’m going to tell you it.”

            “With me! Ow…”

            “How did it start again?”

            “… Don’t look at me… Meanie…”

            A voice chuckled and said, “I’m not sure where to start, but this girl here’s my girlfriend. She’s really… cute…”

            “Hey, what did you say?”

            “Nothing, except that you’re really cute.”

            The girl blushed and started to hug the boy.

            “Hey, hey, stop that, we got a story to tell, right?”

            “But, you just …”

            “We got a story to tell. Let’s begin with Arkour.”

            “No, no, no, let’s not start there about Arkour-sempai. We got to tell it from over here.”

            “Why not there? It’s just in the end.”

            “The end is too far, you got to tell them from the start. The start, oh, hi there everyone, I’m Gan-chan’s girlfriend if you didn’t know, Ashely desu. How’s everyone doing?”

            “Okay, move along now, I’ll start in the near middle in the beginning, okay?”

            “Oh, that’s a good spot, that’s when Arkour is against Stan-san.”

            “My, my, now you’re spoiling them too much, anyways. Let’s get started.”

            “That’s all we’re going to say?”

            “Nope, we have to explain to them how the worlds work.”

            “Oh, right, the time and whatnot is different from theirs.”

            “Time is separated in four seasons, the ones you probably know already. It starts with spring ends with winter.”

            “Yeah, and everywhere it like it’s supposed to be, spring has a lot of flowers and winter’s really really cold.”

            “Well, aside from that, the year has four hundred days. Days are twenty five hours long, hours are one hundred minutes long, and minutes are one hundred seconds. “

            “That’s kind of hard to remember, ow, I got pinched.”

            “Ashely, it’s pretty simple than what they know, our weeks are only ten days, theirs is seven.”

            “Seven?! That really mixes things up.”

            “They have three hundred and sixty five days too. A day is twenty-four hours long and an hour is sixty minutes long and minutes are sixty seconds long.”

            “What?! They’re really weird.”

            “You’re insulting them you know.”

            “Oh, sorry. I think you’re system’s stupid though, ow, I got pinched again…”

            “Well, when we refer to the time and day, just be aware of what we’re trying to say okay. Like it’s going to be the 40th Day of Spring, you know what I mean right? Oh the morning is the 1st hour, the afternoon is the 10th hour and night is the 20th hour. So night’s a bit shorter than you expect. Well that’s how it works though. Our stars* as and satellites* are different than your world. They stay in place and the world rotates around through the lights that they produce.”

*Stars, you may know yours as the Sun

*Satellites, they’re not the machine thing you know, it’s what you call your Moon.

            “Too much science, let’s just start.”



I don’t know where I’m going on the internet now… The internet is such big place… But I’ll guess I’ll start blogging now. I will write bits of my story here. So wish me luck!